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Did you know you have the power to boost your child's early brain development? It’s easy! Research shows that everyday actions - like reading a favorite book, counting toys or singing songs in the car can help improve learning and put your child on a path to success for school and beyond.


Many of our community, faith and education partners work with us to host free, fun and engaging events for you and your child to attend. During these events, you’ll receive tips and ideas on how to identify simple learning opportunities that can expand your child’s mind and help build a nurturing and meaningful family bond.

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Let's Talk About Math: Everyday fun with Addition and Subtraction

Check out this video with fun activities designed to support young children's growing knowledge of addition and subtraction from birth to 5.

Comedian DJ Pryor having a conversation with his 19 month old

Watch what happens when we engage with our toddlers. Thanks DJ for showing us how it's done!

Let's Talk About Math: Fun With Counting

There are many simple ways parents can help young children build counting skills.

Big Feelings: An Emotion Behind Every Action

By observing our children closely we can learn to translate their behavior.

Let's Talk About Math: Fun With Patterns

Get more tips on building early math skills with your baby.

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Let's Talk About Math-Highlights Guide

A fun-filled activity book to introduce early math concepts and words to your child.

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Talk, Read and Sing Together Every Day!

You are your baby’s first teacher! Get tips and ideas to help infants and toddlers learn.

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Turn 'Wash Time' Into 'Talk Time'!

Laundromats aren’t just for washing clothes! You can talk, read, and sing there, too!

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Setting Limits with Love

While it may sound strange, setting limits is an important way to establish a loving environment for your children.

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